The I-69 Regional Summit will bring together representatives from business, government, higher education, defense, economic development, tourism, agriculture, trade and logistics sectors to examine ways to enable collaboration and leverage the new and existing I-69 corridor from a statewide perspective.

With a wide range of speakers from across the country and Canada, the I-69 Regional Summit will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of this infrastructure project, its magnitude and the boundless economic opportunities every community and state have available because of it.

You will leave with a wealth of information, a tool-kit of great ideas to bring back to your community or organization – plus incredible contacts and expertise that you can tap into, long after the Regional Summit is over.

Summit organizers set goals the I-69 Regional Summit. These  include:

  • Visioning for the future with I-69 as a central focus
  • Encourage discussion about economic development along the corridor and envision a plan from a regional and statewide perspective
  • Begin to form partnerships among different sectors and identify shared goals and needs
  • Develop understanding of I-69 as an international trade corridor
  • Understand logistical needs from industry and military perspective; Identify current assets
  • Examine possibilities for Section 6 pathway and develop an understanding of opportunities and challenges presented by various options
  • Gain information and suggestions as you better understand the impacts of I-69 on communities along the corridor and the need for planning within those communities
  • Begin development of a framework for statewide planning efforts along the I-69 corridor

To ensure you leave with the expected wealth of knowledge and contacts, a host of incredible keynote speakers and panelists will lead the Summit’s discussions. There will be plenty of opportunities to network and make connects with others from neighboring states and communities.